FinTech Center of Expertise

  • FinTech Center of Expertise

    The FinTech Center of Expertise is our global hub for collaboration in the Digital Financial Services space. The Center is a platform of resources dedicated to the continued development of our capabilities in Digital Banking, Digital Payment, Digital Commerce, Digital Insurance and Financial Inclusion. Through this Center, we coordinate our global initiatives within an expert network to position our firm at the forefront of Innovation Advisory in Digital Financial Services.

    We share below what services we offer and how we help private companies, public institutions, and international organisations achieve innovation and inclusion through digital financial services.

What We Do

FinTech Center of Expertise


    We Conduct Market Research

    As a cornerstone of the Center, our FinTech Research Practice leads the research of impactful Digital Financial Services insights. We capture market data, develop analysis and business thinking to enable a rational understanding of market evolutions and to inform our clients business decisions.

    We Provide Strategic Advisory

    Combining our functional capabilities and our deep industry knowledge, we deliver winning digital strategies to leading Banks, Insurance companies, other Financial Institutions, Telecommunication and Technology companies. Our clients benefit from our unique understanding of the sector’s transformation and challenges. What makes us different is our specialist approach to FinTech and Financial Inclusion, and our specific focus on geographies and market segments to advise strategies that deliver results.

    We Provide Policy Advisory

    Our policy advisory practice brings expertise to public and private sector institutions addressing key strategic topics at the global and local levels. As an independent advisor, we support International Organisations, Governments, Central Banks, Regulators, Quasi-Government bodies, Development Institutions and leading private sector players in the definition and the implementation of strategic goals aiming at building regulatory frameworks, enabling innovative financial services and protecting consumers.

    We Support Program Implementation

    Our Program Implementation teams work side-by-side with our clients to bring Digital Financial Services Innovation to life. We are committed to making things happen and delivering tangible results. Our work consists of working on site with our client teams, building innovative products and services, delivering roadmaps and building enduring capacities.

    We Leverage Our FinTech Lab

    The FinTech Lab is a Digital Financial Services Innovation Lab aimed at developing resources to fast-track product development for our clients. We partner with leading organizations and startups in the industry to think, design, prototype and launch products at a faster pace than our clients would usually do. This concept of co-innovation aims at bringing products to life through an iterative and uniquely creative and collaborative process to address business challenges in near real-time.


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