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We work shoulder-to-shoulder with promising startup founders, by providing them with access to talents, access to capital, and access to clients.

Focusing first on strategic advisory, we help establish clarity and coherence in the project, both your product and how you deliver it. Then, we review every step of the product development and help maximize the value that you create in each stream.

Once everything has gotten or is coherent, consistent, and convincing, we help you get things done. We like to invest alongside other investors to provide Seed and Serie A funding. Then we mobilize our global networks to give you access to talents, venture capital, and clients, so you can deliver growth.

We accelerate, invest in, and raise funds for startups

Startups that have shown the greatest development over the last 6-12 months,
based on growth, innovation and impact with the product/service.

  • Communication / Technologies


    Conversational Softwares, AI, Messaging,  IoT,
    Machine & Deep Learning, Mobile, Security & Privacy.

  • E-commerce


    Marketplaces, M-Commerce, AdTech.

  • Fintech


    Financial Services, Digital/Mobile Banking, Insurance, Commerce, Payments, Bitcoin & Blockchain.

  • Big Data


    Data Analytics.

  • Productivity


    Automation & Robotics, Drones, Consumer Products, Efficiency, Enterprise, Transportation & Mobilities, Storage.

  • Social Impact


    Health, Education, Agriculture/Food, Energy, Innovation Clusters, Policy.

  • Our solutions to startups' specific needs

    Creating extraordinary companies is our focus.
    Accelerating innovative ideas is our passion.

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    Reach people and organizations that help you go straight to the point

    A Community of Mentors


    Access our resources and move further and faster

    A Value Creation Infrastructure

    Get Founded

    Secure early-stage investment to start and seed

    An Access to Venture Capital

    How can we help you?

    Cultivating a large and active developer community is a long process.


    We just launched our API / SDK / developer platform


    We need content for our developer platform


    We want developers to try our tools and leverage our platform

    New accounts

    We want to expand our dev community and generate new accounts

    Active Community

    We want developers to create more content using our tools

    Startup Enabler

    We want to expand our own startup ecosystem

    • You want to reach your next milestones.
      Here is what we offer.

      Experienced Executives and Successful Entrepreneurs

      Operational Delivery Teams
      Industry Experts, Product and Project Leads, Desigers, Software Developers, Business Developers

      Technology Partners
      Technology Solutions, Open Platforms, Developer Communities, Trainings and Workshops

      Blue Chip Partners, Distributors, and Clients
      Open Innovation, Sales Partnerships

      Ecosystem Partners
      Business Networks, Awareness, Partnership Opportunities, Go-to-Market, Sales Effectiveness

      Seed Funding
      Seed Investment, Our Networks of Angel Investors, Early-Stage and VC Investors

      Media Coverage
      Media and Public Speaking Training, Pitching Opportunities, Startup Competitions
      Speaking Opportunities, Industry Conferences, Interviews, Articles, Media Kit and Full Press Package

    Tell us what you're working on