Open Innovation

Open Inno

What if you could fast-track innovation?

We run our venturing and investment initiatives under the brand Things Growth Capital.

Our belief is that it takes an entrepreneurial drive to have a positive impact. As we create value for our stakeholders, we bear in mind that ecosystems are essential to economic and social value creation, especially environments of co-creation in which large corporations team up with highly innovative startups.

We equally witness a removal of barriers between the private, the public and philanthropic sectors as well as we see and support the emerging investment philosophy of profit with purpose.

How about a open approach to innovation?

We build relationships between large corporations, startups and developers.
Open innovation provides the platform for transformation and growth opportunities.


Reach targeted developer communities on a global scale

Scale your developer relations


Build products quickly, test and learn to innovate faster, better and continuously.

Organize hackathons


Expand fast as you develop focused approaches, methods and practices.

Disrupt or be disrupted

Large Corporations

Accelerate innovation
Partner with startups and developer communities

Here is what we can assist you with


Understand trends and identify the best projects and teams through competitions


Provide startups with the environment to build and grow faster


Transform customer experience and stay at the forefront of your industry


Scale your business
Collaborate with large corporations and developer communities

Here is what we can support you with


Become a player in your industry as you benefit from resources critical for growth

Get Founded

Accelerate R&D, prototyping, and business development with corporate venture capital

Access Customers

Increase customer acquisition through partnerships with industry leaders


Access APIs and create cutting-edge content
Collaborate with large corporations and fast-growing startups

Here is what we can help you with

Integrate APIs

Analyze your platform/APIs and create cutting-edge content


Analyze your platform/APIs and create cutting-edge content

Use platforms

Analyze your platform/APIs and create cutting-edge content

How can we help you?

Cultivating a large and active developer community is a long process.


We just launched our API / SDK / developer platform


We need content for our developer platform


We want developers to try our tools and leverage our platform

New accounts

We want to expand our dev community and generate new accounts

Active Community

We want developers to create more content using our tools

Startup Enabler

We want to expand our own startup ecosystem

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